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Therapy and Cannabis

I have been going through a just want to veg out the rest of my life. My feelings were meh about everything. I didn't feel sad, overwhelmed, or anxious, just meh. A few weeks into this, I realized even though I did not feel sad, I was exhibiting signs of depression. I am a strong believer in therapy and Cannabis as Medicine. I tried Western Medicine and it mostly gave me upset tummy, dizziness, and anxiety. Plus it takes a long time to work and then you have to take it every day even if you are feeling good. With Medical Marijuana you take it as needed (it takes a little self education on the dosage) some days you might need more, some days you might need less, and some days you might be able to skip it altogether with no adverse side effects. This is a strain with peppery and citrus terpenes, which is good for focus, pain relief, and relaxation. ( I do not remember the name of the strain) the capsaicin in pepper helps reduce inflammation the main contributor to pain. Citrus is known to lighten moods and help with focus.

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Just Smile Hemp Creations
Just Smile Hemp Creations

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